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Phil Jeremy Personal Training: THE POWER OF ADDICTION

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: THE POWER OF ADDICTION:  When one thinks of a drug addict one tends to assume some coked up smack head, alcoholic, smoker or gambler. This in most cases would be t...


 When one thinks of a drug addict one tends to assume some coked up smack head, alcoholic, smoker or gambler. This in most cases would be the correct association as it always a involves a negative unhealthy practice. On another level we have sugar addicts, computer games addicts, work-aholics, diet addicts and even sex addicts ... hell, I even had a client (who shall remain nameless) who was addicted to Cornish pasties in the UK and put on 10 kilos!
 But are there any addictions that are healthy? I believe there are, though many people will use an accusatory tone to denigrate that behaviour, the most obvious being exercise. It beggars belief how many times I will hear someone say 'oh they are addicted to exercise' or 'she's a health nut' or 'he's  obsessed about health and fitness'. It would be amusing if it wasn't so sad. Every time I hear it I can guarantee the person saying it is either overweight, unhealthy, drinks too much, smokes or is always ill. They of course claim that they are none of these things, denial being the standard repost.
Basically if you are fit, strong and healthy and eat well balanced nutritious food you are an obsessive addict. I sometimes wonder what people think healthy people do. Run around all day with dumbbells in one hand and a broccoli floret in the other, chanting mantras and checking their Fitbits! What they do is consistent exercise 3 to 4 times per week and eat 3 well balanced nutritious tasty meals a day that are low on carbs and sugars and high in protein and vegetables. How difficult or obsessive is that? Its just routine like cleaning your teeth, it's a habit, it takes no more time than anything else, its not obsessive in fact its very simple, you just have to make a start.
  I have detected over the years another rather strange psychology that has developed which is much more devious and potentially harmful. When someone has a check up, whom I think has potential health issues, they nearly always say, 'I passed with flying colours'...'Nothing wrong with me'... 'The doctor was very impressed with my blood tests'... 'He said I have the heart of a twenty year old'... 'She was amazed at how strong I was'...'Apparently I am only a little overweight'.... 'They agreed with me that I have a very healthy diet' ... and on and on they drone.
I of course look at them and think, then why are you fat, start wheezing if you walk faster than 4 kilometres an hour, always have a cold, have bad skin, look pale, have dead eyes or consume copious amounts of medicines? Let me explain something, 'passing any health test with flying colours' is meaningless bollocks.

          The reason is not the inadequacy of the test but the inadequacy of your response.

You only interpret it how you want to hear it. Fit and healthy people don't do this, they will break the test down into components looking for areas of weakness or potentially harmful trends. They will look to see what they can do either in diet or training to improve the situation. They are not interested in the good stuff, they already now that, they only focus on the things that can be improved. Unhealthy people do the opposite. It's what got them into this mess in the first place, denial again. Now we all do it to some extent, nobody wants to hear bad news about their health, I didn't when I was told about my restricted bladder but my response was detailed analysis, second opinions and a thorough understanding of what was involved now and in the future. It wasn't 'Oh the specialist said its only a slight problem but drink lots of water and you'll be fine because you have the heart of a Wildebeest.'
  In other words being addicted to health is a very positive, vitally important, if not the most important thing to be. Please don't confuse this analytical way of thinking of being negative. Positive thinking will not cure your problem if you deny you've got one. As I have said on countless occasions when discussing health with the doubters ... 'In the end everyone comes round to my way of thinking' because unless you have a death wish, or illness wish, or you desire to be a frail old granny at 65, then you will eventually realise that health freaks weren't freaks at all ... it was you who was the idiot.
 Time to get with the program folks. That doesn't mean sign up to a gym or Boot camp and then don't go, it doesn't mean, cut out bread, jog a bit but still drink too much wine and it certainly doesn't mean go to a health camp or get a personal trainer and then eat the same food you always did believing that the exercise will burn it off. It doesn't and it never will.
A little bit of education can go a long way, its not rocket science. A very successful personal trainer once said about clients who pay him a £1000 an hour. 'They don't need me they only need to do the right exercise 3 to 4 times a week and eat broccoli and chicken and they'll be fine'. Okay he was deliberately over simplifying but you get the point. You must surely know by now what habits you have that are unhealthy, just stop telling yourself okay when you are not. Start the process of fixing this today. Begin with meaningful changes, maybe only small adjustments at first but ones you know to be right, be it food or exercise. Educate yourself a bit, not with the latest celebrity diet but with real tangible adjustments. It doesn't mean a life of not having naughty things now and again just try 80/20. Eat healthy and exercise 80% of the time and cheat 20%... just don't do it the other way around.
 Finally let me make one more point. The flipside to my argument about denial is this. When you are ill or injured, normally fit and healthy do then look to the positive and how to cure themselves quickly whereas the unhealthy lot wallow in a sea of self pity about their predicament. Suddenly they are now an invalid, its an overreaction the other way and at the wrong time. This is when you need to step up and challenge the illness or recovery. It doesn't mean being stupid but it does mean that you have to eat even better and try and exercise a little very day. Often people just carry on with their crap ways of slothful choices. Find out what foods will help your recovery and what exercises you can do to increase you fitness and  physical improvement. The human body is immensely resourceful. I have trained so many people with illnesses, physical disabilities or limited capability and it is incredible, with the right amount of guidance and encouragement, what they can do and how fast they can improve.
 This of course is relevant to me now. I have been told to do nothing for 4 weeks and with no guidance on what to eat. Does anyone think for one moment that I am going to accept that, of course not. I will challenge it, fully researching what foods will aid recovery, asking advice, looking for examples of the right type of exercise for someone in my predicament. You have to know your own body and look for ways that can help you, you don't just sit there and do nothing. Listen to your body, if you think you can walk or run, do it, obviously I am not going to strain myself but I will look to recover as fast and as healthily as possible. I just know that my fit and healthy colleagues will agree 100% and I also know that the unfit overweight lot will think the opposite saying 'Ooh he should be careful he's very silly'. There is a message here folks; this is the time for the positive outlook and not when you have a  health check and believe everything is fine when it obviously isn't.
  I am now addicted to a fast, sensible, healthy and effective recovery and I will achieve that goal. Guess I am just a junkie, I'll be mainlining green drinks next ... oh shit I already do.
 Catch you all later.


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Phil Jeremy Personal Training: INTO HOSPITAL ..... AND OUT OF CONTROL !

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: INTO HOSPITAL ..... AND OUT OF CONTROL !:   This may come as a shock to some of my regular readers but at present I am lying in a hospital bed !! … This has come as a bit of a sh...


This may come as a shock to some of my regular readers but at present I am lying in a hospital bed !! … This has come as a bit of a shock to me too. As you know I have a pretty healthy lifestyle, my nutrition is 95% clean... (Meaning very little crap)... And I train 5 to 6 times a week with a lot of intensity and effort, so what the hell am I doing here?
A good question but in my blogs I always try to tell it like it is, good and bad. I am fortunate that at nearly 62 years of age I can train and do things that many younger people might find quite challenging but as I always say, we are all here through the grace of God and sometimes no matter how healthy your lifestyle is; shit happens. In my case whilst having a regular check-up a few months ago they noticed a restricted bladder which normally, with medication, goes away. Anyway I went back last week, they checked me again and the specialist suddenly says :-

’We have to operate’….
What! When? .......
‘Excuse me, you mean this week’….
‘Is it that serious?’…
 ‘It could become serious if we don’t operate’.

This took me aback, as you might expect, especially as I haven’t been inside a hospital ward for over 56 years. Anyway he just said it’s got to be done so that it prevents any future problems.  Fair enough I thought, prevention is a good thing. Apparently I was born with this but it’s never been an issue before maybe because of all the exercise I do and the fact that I drink a lot of water therefore my system is always moving, who knows? However no matter how fit you are as you grow older there is always a risk of infection if it ever gets blocked.
Then he hit me with the cost….  Ouch!  And then he told me what he was going to do… Basically cut the bladder neck and a bit of the prostrate (which is healthy by the way and not enlarged)…. with a LASER!! ….Triple ouch!!  The more I researched this, which was extensive as you might expect, the more serious this operation appeared to be. I mean some guy firing a laser up my sensitive parts is not my idea of a fun time. And it got worse, I am not allowed to exercise at all for a minimum of 4 weeks, or drive, or fly, or even carry any shopping…. and No sex!  Now I said, wait a minute… ‘NO Shopping!’  J
Ok, joking aside let’s cut to the chase here, no sex? I thought he was having a laugh but apparently not. This whole thing was slowly turning into a nightmare and to be fully recovered can sometimes take even longer. Of course by now I am getting second opinions all over the place but in the end I realized I would have to bite the bullet and get on with it.
And so here I am sitting in my hospital bed contemplating life as I look out the window. Mr fit and healthy laid low by a dodgy bladder.
Any operation is serious so I prepared myself as best I could. I might run up and down a 6,000 foot steep canyon in the dark, alone at 5am but going through the hospital doors really terrified me… I just wished I was back at the canyon, so much easier and peaceful and a lot less stressful.
The operation was scheduled for noon the next day. Here I was in the hands of others with everything completely out of my control, not a place I am used to being. (Sue must have thought it was Christmas with all that time to herself). First they took about 5 tubes of blood, which the nurses thought was hilarious because it shot out of my arm like a jet, which normally doesn’t happen apparently and then she said my arms were like a roadmap due to all my prominent veins.  (It’s called vascularity- a sign of fitness which is enhanced by extremely low body fat (usually below 10%)FYI. All great and marvelous but this was not doing me much good now whilst sitting in a hospital bed.
The morning was scary as hell waiting for Dr Evil and his giant laser. The waiting was interminable.  There was a huge thunder and lightning storm outside and I had visions of the laser backfiring and me coming out of the surgery looking something like Wolverine….  Or it could be even more serious and he could accidentally cut the wrong bit and suddenly I’m Catwoman! By now I was delirious even before the drugs, just total panic... The language barrier caused even more confusion, one wrong answer to the wrong question and I could be in a different surgery having a triple by-pass … or breast implants!
Everyone was of course incredibly caring, professional and understanding, then again at these prices they should be, in fact I’m surprised I didn’t get a 2 week Caribbean cruise thrown in. It’s a very strange operation where they paralyse you from the waist down but you are still half awake, sort of drunk, which as you all know is not something I am all that familiar with. Anyway I survived and a few hours later I’m lying in bed with all sorts of wires and tubes sticking out of every orifice feeling like shit. Only last week I was planning my next adventure running for days through the high deserts and stunning canyons of Southern Utah…. and now I can’t even get to the bathroom. This was not good.

For anyone this sort of thing is unpleasant but for people like me it’s mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting. Anyway I spent the next few days just asking when I would be let out. The restrictive nature of hospital is for very good reasons but for a control freak like me it’s like a prison. Poor Sue was forever shuttling back and forth with requests and food parcels. I had already pre-prepared my green drinks and supplements but it still amazed me how nutritionally deficient the food is. Healthy effective nutrition seems very low on the priorities. If this is the norm, which I’m told it is, then people really do eat shit. … And they don’t even know it. I lay awake for hours the next morning awaiting the big breakfast and when it arrived it was coffee and a bread roll! I honestly thought a proper balanced nutritious meal was to follow but that was it. I mean people are recovering from illness and this is what they get… and this is a private hospital. Luckily I had all my green drinks, protein supplements, vitamins, minerals etc… plus a daily chopped salad prepared by Sue the night before because I suspected this could happen.  I know school food is poor but this is a hospital, why do they not have a resident nutrition expert detailing recovery procedure. It seems to be all about drugs, when the nurses saw all my stuff they had no idea, surely this should be taught along with all the other medical qualifications. If more people were engaged in prevention then the hospitals would not be so overcrowded.
On the plus side the nurses and general care and professionalism were of course fabulous and right now this was the most important thing to me and for that I am grateful... Besides I am not used to that many women fiddling around with me all at once.
What an experience, now I know why I have always tried my very best to be healthy and fit. I have been fortunate in that I don’t take any medicines and am never ill which I truly believe is as a result of my lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I know many people have far, far worse experiences than this and often through no fault of their own but as I said earlier we are all here through the grace of God so I am eternally grateful for having got this far in pretty good shape.  However statistics show over and over again that a heathy lifestyle can prevent a great many medical problems. It’s astonishing when you see people walking around a hospital with a drip and then going outside for a cigarette… the mind boggles.
I hoped to be out after 3 days but there was no chance of that. Anyway after a few tough nights and a rather painful procedure involving a catheter, which I will not explain as any men reading this will not want to know, the resident Doctor arrived,  he introduced himself as Dr Pee …  I am not making this up, I had to ask him twice.  I would have laughed but by now I was really feeling poorly which surprised me because just after the operation I felt okay. I suspect this whole thing is going to take some time to get over, it’s certainly been a chastening experience. I am only allowed to walk for the next 4 weeks so if you see me running through the park, arrest me immediately. I’ll no doubt be driving myself and everybody else around me nuts. I know some might consider my way of living as a bit extreme but I’d rather be OCD about health than anything else. I am determined to get well quickly and will feel blessed again when I finally hit the open trails on my mountain runs. In the meantime I reiterate my constant refrain.  Don’t take your health for granted , take action now, lose weight, start exercising, stop smoking and cut your alcohol and sugar consumption, otherwise you could be in here with something far, far worse.

Stay healthy everyone.

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Phil Jeremy Personal Training: AGEING AND EXERCISE .... CONFUSED ? ..... YOU WILL...

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: AGEING AND EXERCISE .... CONFUSED ? ..... YOU WILL...:  In the Seventies there was a famous spoof TV programme called 'Soap'. The catchphrase was always said after the plot update at the...


 In the Seventies there was a famous spoof TV programme called 'Soap'. The catchphrase was always said after the plot update at the start of the programme with - 'Confused? will be.'  Let me explain. As you know I've been a little quiet on the blogging front since I decided to step back from personal training commitments or as my son calls it 'deloading'. I have been trying to concentrate a bit more on my own training these last few months, trying different techniques as well as reading and researching the latest ideas.
  Strangely enough, despite all my research, I find myself going back to basics and consequently have discovered some interesting facts..... well they are to me. I was convinced that I had done much less, in terms of training than last year when I ran the Grand Canyon for the second time, so convinced that I was beating myself up about how lazy I had been! I do not go in for Fitbits and all the running apps and calorie fat burn counters etc.... they are not very accurate when it comes to calories and heart rates so I prefer to manually record everything I do, from reps to types of strength workout, to running miles, elevations, sprint sessions, HIIT sessions, tempo running, weight, food logs, fat %, sleep patterns etc. etc.
    It may sound OCD but it takes seconds to do and if you do it daily then its no big deal. Anyway I decided to add up everything over the past few years to compare and was surprised to find out that I had completed 10% more strength workouts, 8% more sprint sessions and incredibly 12% more running miles than I had done at this time last year before I ran the Grand Canyon! But, my weight is up by 1 kilo and fat % is up by1% and my speed is slower. Go figure. To be honest I don't feel like I'm at peak fitness but maybe I'm not that far off. So what is going on? The answer is simple, I am afraid its all to do with age and its something we must all be aware of. Exercise and healthy nutrition will actually decrease the aging process for the whole body, heart, lungs, muscles, bones, organs, your brain, blood, literally everything except one thing ... and that is your VO2 max. Most people when they age get fat and become unfit purely because they don't do anything. People say I can't exercise because I'm overweight or old....NO.... you are old and fat because you don't exercise! And by the way your VO2max will start dropping automatically after age 25 so whoever you are, take note.
Anyway, back to me....
Your VO2 max (The maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise) is critical in enabling you to run faster but it is one of the few things that will decrease rapidly with age no matter what you do.... or so we used to think.
 Most research used to suggest that inactive people lose about 10% of aerobic capacity per decade. It also suggested that individuals who train regularly will lose about 5% of VO2max per decade. However, such people generally reduce the quantity and quality of their training, which means that a proportion of this 5% loss is due to the inability to perfectly maintain top-level training programmes. Dr Michael Pollock pointed out that one of the most difficult problems faced by veteran athletes is simply the near impossibility of sustaining very high-quality training over many years, especially when the body is beginning to show signs of 'wear and tear'. It is not that veterans like me can no longer plan and carry out very rugged training sessions it's just that the physiological recovery processes may slow with age, thus increasing the risk of injury and therefore lowering fitness-maximising workouts.  So how do we stay lean, fit, healthy and quick, as we age?
1. Maintain training. To preserve VO2max, it is important for you to maintain the quantity and quality of your training as you get older. If possible you need to increase the average intensity of your training sessions as studies have shown that this may maintain VO2max completely and even improve performances. So its back to the track and interval training such as 60 secs on/60 secs off or the killer Sprint 8 protocol!
2. More muscle less fat. To preserve VO2max, maintain or increase your muscularity and avoid getting fat. Weight gain is a hugely limiting factor in VO2 max performance. This is why strength training is so important as it is the best way to optimise your muscularity when combined with a sensible diet. It is this combination that will keep you lean.
3. Vary your training. To hold on to VO2max,you have to alternate your usual workouts with other kinds of sessions. For example, endurance runners might consider non-impact proprioceptive training to improve balance and running economy such as cycling.
4. Work on lactate threshold. To maintain high-level performance you have to work on other factors besides VO2max. For example, lactate threshold has been found to be much more responsive to training in older athletes than VO2max, probably because it is more dependent on muscle function than on the cardiovascular system per se. So yep you guessed it... you need to do more of those dreaded Tempo runs.... I can see some of my ex-clients squirming in their seats! If not tempo then try more fartlek sessions. Its one thing to maintain speed but to do that over distance you have to work on your lactate threshold as well.
The bottom line? You can't keep the ageing process at bay forever, but if you train smart and stay away from injury, you should be able to hold your VO2max decline to less than 0.5% per year as you get older.
Unfortunately you always have to do more just to stay in the same place.... and that's the takeaway from my stats. Although I've done more training its not enough... and that 1% fat gain has already had an effect on my speed so it's time to step up again by cutting fat and doing more intervals and tempo training.... sounds like fun :)
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Phil Jeremy Personal Training: A LEAP IN THE DARK

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: A LEAP IN THE DARK: A few weeks ago I decided to pull back from some of my commitments in personal training. This was in order to re-evaluate the structure of ...


A few weeks ago I decided to pull back from some of my commitments in personal training. This was in order to re-evaluate the structure of my involvement in the health and fitness arena.
It is not easy to find the right time to do anything important in life as one tends to procrastinate and worry over the big decisions however I did not feel that way, I just felt compelled to do it and mindful that I had to change things. I tend to be a full on committed person and I believe if you are going to do something then you do it 100%. I was fortunate to be extremely busy with loyal and dedicated clients, many of whom became good friends but when you commit to everyone you end up doing too much and I realised that it was time to re-assess my priorities. Who knows I may return to one on one training as its what I love and is part of who I am but for now I have chosen to step back. I think we all need to do this from time to time.

I hope over the coming weeks and months some new exciting ideas will materialise because now I have created space for them to do so. It is a bit of a leap in the dark as I do not know what the future holds. Fear keeps us rooted to the safe choices in life and until you are prepared to let go then dreams cannot be fulfilled. I now intend to continue along a slightly different path. Coaching is only one aspect of what I do and though important and rewarding there are other ways to help people achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle which ultimately is the goal at the end of the day. My blogs are read in over 50 countries and by over 100,000 people so there are many other avenues to explore.  Enriching the mind and nourishing the soul are all parts of the health spectrum. Many people find themselves at a crossroads in life or they might feel something isn't working in quite the way it should. I have found that to seek a relaxed place and still your mind is the best way to acquire a solution.
         I believe passionately in healing ourselves as we are all an experiment of one. It is important to learn how our own bodies tick. I have experienced training clients from 18 year old super fit athletes to Mums in their 40's who are overweight, to male and female middle aged marathon runners, to 74 year olds who have difficulty getting in and out of a car! What I have learnt is that we are all different but in many ways all the same. Some basic principles can always be applied, such as healthy clean nutrition, regular physical exercise, no smoking, reduced alcohol consumption, correct diet supplementation, good quality sleep. In fact in many ways just following these principles alone will increase the health and vitality of everyone. Sadly most people, even the athletes, do not stick to these basic criteria and so their health and/or performance suffers.
      When we drill down into the specifics of an individual then we can start to make the necessary adjustments that apply to them alone and this is when we discover how that individual ticks and for them to learn to understand how to heal themselves from within.
Eastern medicines and philosophy's have long centred on this approach and though this does not mean that western medical practices don't have their place it just means that you have to start thinking a little more deeply about it.
For anyone living in France you will know that if you go into the local pharmacy or doctors and say you have a cold then you will end up walking out with 3 large bags of medicine! It astonishes me that intelligent, normally well adjusted people can't see the ridiculousness of this situation.
I hear it all the time... my illness is special.... I need special treatment, I have this unusual injury, I've inherited fat genes, etc etc..... Lets put this right, yes you are special but your illness isn't. It is just a result of your body operating within and reacting to, the environment it lives in. Are there special cases? Yes of course there are, sometimes life can throw up terribly unfortunate and sad anomalies but that doesn't mean you can't help your body in better ways than you do now. The soul and the body always knows how to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind and the constant chatter both internally and externally that seeks to disrupt it.
         I will return to this theme in later blogs but for the moment it is important to remember that we must all look to making positive, healthy and effective changes in our lives in order to grow. This could mean a change in diet, where we live, exercise, our jobs, our relationships, even our fixed views of the world. We must always ask positive questions of ourselves in order to have a life of fulfilment.



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Phil Jeremy Personal Training: RAPID FAT LOSS

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: RAPID FAT LOSS: A contentious subject as most people want to know how to do it and most health professionals will advise against it. Why? Well we know wh...


A contentious subject as most people want to know how to do it and most health professionals will advise against it. Why?

Well we know why people want to do it; because its quick and they want to cut fat, obviously... and the reason why the professionals advise against it is because, a) it's not healthy. b) it's unsustainable. c) it can be dangerous unless supervised properly. d) it takes a lot of discipline ....... and e) people have the tendency to go back to their old eating habits afterwards and therefore put all the fat back on again and besides a well balanced nutrition plan with an effective exercise program will achieve the same results albeit over a longer period. So one could argue what's the point?

 To most people there is no point but there are exceptions and so for those who want to do it, for whatever reason, is it possible? Well of course it is.

To any health professionals reading this please don't inundate me with comments like, 'you shouldn't advise this'.... 'its dangerous'... etc. I know, okay I get it..... and for the record here is my disclaimer and warning;-     

           Please seek medical advice from your doctor before contemplating anything suggested or recommended in this post.

Hopefully that's clear..... so if you don't wish to know anymore then turn away now.

How rapid can fat loss be achieved, the minimum time I have witnessed is about 10-12 days but usually its longer and with more cheat or re-feed breaks.
Why would anyone want to do it? Well there can be many reasons such as you are too fat or obese and you have to do something to give you a kick start. Normally though its done because you have a special event like a wedding or holiday or TV appearance ... or even a movie! Maybe you are a fitness model competitor or you have a sports event you have to prepare for, athletes may have a whole myriad of reasons.

There are literally hundreds of articles, books and studies on how it works but I have decided to simplify it without the technical jargon. What follows is a super quick breakdown of what to do, now don't try this at home kids because without the right supervision you could have issues and I am afraid its very easy to cheat and sort of half do it. If you do that you could be ill or quite simply fail.
   A point about exercise during this diet. I would recommend no high intensity exercise, such as sprinting and no endurance training either. Exercise will make very little difference to your metabolism during the diet and in the main won't help but for those wanting to retain muscle then weight sessions are allowed. This diet burns mostly fat but there can be some muscle loss, so lifting weights will help to prevent this.
By following a very low carbohydrate diet, or ketogenic diet, you can train your body to burn fat. Endurance athletes also train their bodies to burn fat but in a slightly different way and they also train over many months to become fat adapted.
Please note this isn't a fast or a cleanse though some similar changes do take place in the body. This is a way to shred fat fast, plain and simple. This will only mess with your hormones if you don't do it properly and do not take the right supplements.....and I'm not trying to sell you any supplements either....

Okay so in a nutshell here are the main points of how to achieve rapid fat loss :-

1 Protein intake based on your body fat %, lean body mass and exercise level.
2 Unlimited vegetables (apart from certain starchy veg such as carrots, potatoes etc)
3 Fish oil.
4 Multivitamins and mineral supplements such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.
5 Cheat meals and diet breaks depending on your body fat % and the length of the diet.
6 Length of diet to be set by activity level and body fat %.

And that's it.... and it works. You have probably noticed that I have not given the full details of how this works such as amount of protein, carbohydrate, fish oils, minerals and vitamins. I have done this deliberately because this blog is meant to enlighten you to what is possible and is not a full and detailed explanation of how to do it. I don't want anyone doing it unless they have a trainer or health professional monitoring their progress .... or are prepared to do the necessary background research themselves.

The essential nutrients will come from the fish oils, vegetables, protein and supplements, this will keep your body in a 'healthy state' whilst you strip fat. Some people get a bit cranky too but not everyone.
A final note when coming out of the diet, it is important to monitor your increased carbs, exercise level etc; otherwise you'll blow all the hard work.

Now this diet ain't trendy with some fancy name like 'Warrior diet' or 'South Beach diet' ... or even 'The Artic Eskimo freeze fat walrus diet' !!

It isn't sexy, its not interesting or exciting, it just works. If you wish to know more then contact me at or otherwise find someone else to help you who knows what they are talking about.
All I would say is that you can shed fat fast doing this. Obviously the more fat you have, the faster you can lose it; the leaner you are, the slower you must lose it in order to preserve lean tissue. I have some clients who have lost up to 7 kilos in two weeks, so its pretty effective but please take professional advice before considering this as you don't want to start messing with your endocrine system ... and above all stay fit and healthy because that should always be your main goal.


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: A NEW YEAR OF BIG FAT DECISIONS

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: A NEW YEAR OF BIG FAT DECISIONS: It's a New Year and the new Diet/detox/gym/fasting/ fitness/high fat/low fat/carb recycling/paleo/vegan/soup/protein/vitamin BFZX suppl...


It's a New Year and the new Diet/detox/gym/fasting/ fitness/high fat/low fat/carb recycling/paleo/vegan/soup/protein/vitamin BFZX supplement/bean salad/dry January/celebrity exercise rage begins....there's even a Bear Grylls cookbook! ....Whatever, you takes your pick it's all good fun and probably some would work if you did one and stuck to it .... but you won't, you know it and I know it.
Let us assume its February 14th and 6 weeks have gone by, will you still be eating that lettuce soup combo thingy that Gwyneth suggested? Probably not. People will tell you how great you look but you know you don't and besides you weigh the same and probably feel worse. Some will have succeeded a bit and a tiny fraction will keep going and an even smaller fraction will actually have made the shift in lifestyle and will benefit for the rest of their lives but will you be one of them?
Slowly the alcohol creeps back in and the odd pastry or slice of pizza or cookie, etc etc... Disappointment reigns and you are back where you started or worse... oh well maybe next year.
What a waste of time, money and energy.
        So what do the ones who succeed do (because they will nearly all do the same thing), but what is it? What makes the difference between the tiny percentage who change and the masses who don't?
A prospective client told me over Christmas that she was going to come and see me to lose weight and get fit. I know she wants to and certainly needs to but I told not to bother because she'll be wasting her time and money. This of course caused some consternation until I explained why. I told her very nicely that she wasn't serious even though she said she was.
Now we all know that most trainers /gyms etc will sign up anyone in January and just take their money but I won't because its a con ... and the client signs up for this con because they are putting their faith in someone or something else and it never works.
  So who do I take on, well that's simple, I take on the ones who I know will succeed. As Yoda said 'Do or don't do there is no try'. How do I know who will succeed? .. easy....
                                            It's the ones who have decided to.
And that my friends is it. Its not about goals, affirmations, mantras, doing it for someone else, feeling ill, ashamed, fat, tired, ugly or even low self esteem, its about mental commitment. Your life changes when you decide to change it, decisions have great power and I can tell almost immediately if someone has made a decision or not. Once they have made it then my job is easy because all I have to do is give them the right tools and plan to make it happen.
              Any sensible fit and healthy person will tell you that it's a lifestyle choice that you have to make if you want to make real and tangible changes. In other words you have to eat clean balanced meals most of the time, drink a lot less alcohol and exercise in an effective way to burn fat and increase muscle mass. Any decent trainer or nutritionist who already lives this way will train their clients this way, it's not rocket science but it does involve commitment and only those who have decided to live a healthy lifestyle will succeed..... otherwise next January you will be starting the new 8.6 Himalayan detox yak soup diet and off we go again.