Sunday, March 13, 2016

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: RAPID FAT LOSS

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: RAPID FAT LOSS: A contentious subject as most people want to know how to do it and most health professionals will advise against it. Why? Well we know wh...


A contentious subject as most people want to know how to do it and most health professionals will advise against it. Why?

Well we know why people want to do it; because its quick and they want to cut fat, obviously... and the reason why the professionals advise against it is because, a) it's not healthy. b) it's unsustainable. c) it can be dangerous unless supervised properly. d) it takes a lot of discipline ....... and e) people have the tendency to go back to their old eating habits afterwards and therefore put all the fat back on again and besides a well balanced nutrition plan with an effective exercise program will achieve the same results albeit over a longer period. So one could argue what's the point?

 To most people there is no point but there are exceptions and so for those who want to do it, for whatever reason, is it possible? Well of course it is.

To any health professionals reading this please don't inundate me with comments like, 'you shouldn't advise this'.... 'its dangerous'... etc. I know, okay I get it..... and for the record here is my disclaimer and warning;-     

           Please seek medical advice from your doctor before contemplating anything suggested or recommended in this post.

Hopefully that's clear..... so if you don't wish to know anymore then turn away now.

How rapid can fat loss be achieved, the minimum time I have witnessed is about 10-12 days but usually its longer and with more cheat or re-feed breaks.
Why would anyone want to do it? Well there can be many reasons such as you are too fat or obese and you have to do something to give you a kick start. Normally though its done because you have a special event like a wedding or holiday or TV appearance ... or even a movie! Maybe you are a fitness model competitor or you have a sports event you have to prepare for, athletes may have a whole myriad of reasons.

There are literally hundreds of articles, books and studies on how it works but I have decided to simplify it without the technical jargon. What follows is a super quick breakdown of what to do, now don't try this at home kids because without the right supervision you could have issues and I am afraid its very easy to cheat and sort of half do it. If you do that you could be ill or quite simply fail.
   A point about exercise during this diet. I would recommend no high intensity exercise, such as sprinting and no endurance training either. Exercise will make very little difference to your metabolism during the diet and in the main won't help but for those wanting to retain muscle then weight sessions are allowed. This diet burns mostly fat but there can be some muscle loss, so lifting weights will help to prevent this.
By following a very low carbohydrate diet, or ketogenic diet, you can train your body to burn fat. Endurance athletes also train their bodies to burn fat but in a slightly different way and they also train over many months to become fat adapted.
Please note this isn't a fast or a cleanse though some similar changes do take place in the body. This is a way to shred fat fast, plain and simple. This will only mess with your hormones if you don't do it properly and do not take the right supplements.....and I'm not trying to sell you any supplements either....

Okay so in a nutshell here are the main points of how to achieve rapid fat loss :-

1 Protein intake based on your body fat %, lean body mass and exercise level.
2 Unlimited vegetables (apart from certain starchy veg such as carrots, potatoes etc)
3 Fish oil.
4 Multivitamins and mineral supplements such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.
5 Cheat meals and diet breaks depending on your body fat % and the length of the diet.
6 Length of diet to be set by activity level and body fat %.

And that's it.... and it works. You have probably noticed that I have not given the full details of how this works such as amount of protein, carbohydrate, fish oils, minerals and vitamins. I have done this deliberately because this blog is meant to enlighten you to what is possible and is not a full and detailed explanation of how to do it. I don't want anyone doing it unless they have a trainer or health professional monitoring their progress .... or are prepared to do the necessary background research themselves.

The essential nutrients will come from the fish oils, vegetables, protein and supplements, this will keep your body in a 'healthy state' whilst you strip fat. Some people get a bit cranky too but not everyone.
A final note when coming out of the diet, it is important to monitor your increased carbs, exercise level etc; otherwise you'll blow all the hard work.

Now this diet ain't trendy with some fancy name like 'Warrior diet' or 'South Beach diet' ... or even 'The Artic Eskimo freeze fat walrus diet' !!

It isn't sexy, its not interesting or exciting, it just works. If you wish to know more then contact me at or otherwise find someone else to help you who knows what they are talking about.
All I would say is that you can shed fat fast doing this. Obviously the more fat you have, the faster you can lose it; the leaner you are, the slower you must lose it in order to preserve lean tissue. I have some clients who have lost up to 7 kilos in two weeks, so its pretty effective but please take professional advice before considering this as you don't want to start messing with your endocrine system ... and above all stay fit and healthy because that should always be your main goal.