Sunday, May 8, 2016

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: A LEAP IN THE DARK

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: A LEAP IN THE DARK: A few weeks ago I decided to pull back from some of my commitments in personal training. This was in order to re-evaluate the structure of ...


A few weeks ago I decided to pull back from some of my commitments in personal training. This was in order to re-evaluate the structure of my involvement in the health and fitness arena.
It is not easy to find the right time to do anything important in life as one tends to procrastinate and worry over the big decisions however I did not feel that way, I just felt compelled to do it and mindful that I had to change things. I tend to be a full on committed person and I believe if you are going to do something then you do it 100%. I was fortunate to be extremely busy with loyal and dedicated clients, many of whom became good friends but when you commit to everyone you end up doing too much and I realised that it was time to re-assess my priorities. Who knows I may return to one on one training as its what I love and is part of who I am but for now I have chosen to step back. I think we all need to do this from time to time.

I hope over the coming weeks and months some new exciting ideas will materialise because now I have created space for them to do so. It is a bit of a leap in the dark as I do not know what the future holds. Fear keeps us rooted to the safe choices in life and until you are prepared to let go then dreams cannot be fulfilled. I now intend to continue along a slightly different path. Coaching is only one aspect of what I do and though important and rewarding there are other ways to help people achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle which ultimately is the goal at the end of the day. My blogs are read in over 50 countries and by over 100,000 people so there are many other avenues to explore.  Enriching the mind and nourishing the soul are all parts of the health spectrum. Many people find themselves at a crossroads in life or they might feel something isn't working in quite the way it should. I have found that to seek a relaxed place and still your mind is the best way to acquire a solution.
         I believe passionately in healing ourselves as we are all an experiment of one. It is important to learn how our own bodies tick. I have experienced training clients from 18 year old super fit athletes to Mums in their 40's who are overweight, to male and female middle aged marathon runners, to 74 year olds who have difficulty getting in and out of a car! What I have learnt is that we are all different but in many ways all the same. Some basic principles can always be applied, such as healthy clean nutrition, regular physical exercise, no smoking, reduced alcohol consumption, correct diet supplementation, good quality sleep. In fact in many ways just following these principles alone will increase the health and vitality of everyone. Sadly most people, even the athletes, do not stick to these basic criteria and so their health and/or performance suffers.
      When we drill down into the specifics of an individual then we can start to make the necessary adjustments that apply to them alone and this is when we discover how that individual ticks and for them to learn to understand how to heal themselves from within.
Eastern medicines and philosophy's have long centred on this approach and though this does not mean that western medical practices don't have their place it just means that you have to start thinking a little more deeply about it.
For anyone living in France you will know that if you go into the local pharmacy or doctors and say you have a cold then you will end up walking out with 3 large bags of medicine! It astonishes me that intelligent, normally well adjusted people can't see the ridiculousness of this situation.
I hear it all the time... my illness is special.... I need special treatment, I have this unusual injury, I've inherited fat genes, etc etc..... Lets put this right, yes you are special but your illness isn't. It is just a result of your body operating within and reacting to, the environment it lives in. Are there special cases? Yes of course there are, sometimes life can throw up terribly unfortunate and sad anomalies but that doesn't mean you can't help your body in better ways than you do now. The soul and the body always knows how to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind and the constant chatter both internally and externally that seeks to disrupt it.
         I will return to this theme in later blogs but for the moment it is important to remember that we must all look to making positive, healthy and effective changes in our lives in order to grow. This could mean a change in diet, where we live, exercise, our jobs, our relationships, even our fixed views of the world. We must always ask positive questions of ourselves in order to have a life of fulfilment.