Friday, July 13, 2018


Apologies for my lack of blogging over the past few months but as some of you know I have been in France and back into full time training.
Recently my son, after a rather intense workout, asked me if I train all my clients the way we had just done. My reply was 'absolutely' … and his response was, 'I 'am surprised you have any clients at all!'
   As he is super fit and 8% Body fat I thought some further analysis and discussion was necessary.
 He strength trains twice a week and practises Brazilian jujitsu three times a week and yet he thought the workout was 'brutal'.
  His main point was that though this type of training will torch body fat and increase muscle growth, what you eat afterwards becomes extremely important.
He is of course correct which leads me to the whole argument about nutrition … again.
  Over the past few months I have had some outstanding results with my clients fat loss. This is for many people the main goal, muscle growth being the other side of the equation.
Could this type of workout effect that?
The answer is yes, in two ways, good and not so good.
With an intense fat burning workout you are using mainly the glycogen stored in your body and any carbs you might eat prior to the workout. It is often misconstrued that if you eat protein and no carbs after the workout then you will keep burning fat, which is true, but there is a 'but'.
  For muscle growth you also need carbs, they are not the enemy as so many people believe.

If you have used the glycogen stored in your muscles during the workout then your muscles will not grow.

For protein synthesis to take place you need carbs as well. This is extremely important and must not be overlooked.
  My fat burning workouts are without doubt intense, be it weights, HIITs or sprinting. If you don't give 100% then its not going to burn fat.
 Of course there is another way to burn fat which involves long slow distance running but again lets be clear how this works. A 30 minute jog or walk is not a workout, it might be enjoyable, energising, good for the heart, life affirming and bring you closer to nature, God and the Universe but it ain't going to burn any fat.
If you want to burn fat in running then you must either do Sprints (where you burn stored glycogen) or run a long way or for a long time because fat is then the main fuel source once your glycogen has run out but, hear I go again with another 'but'.
   Running a long way is extreme and therefore is in itself, intense. You will burn fat but the difference is you will not build muscle, in fact over time you will lose muscle unless you eat a good balance of nutrient dense food.
   So long slow distance running has its place as long as you know what you are doing and how to fuel correctly, unfortunately most people don't.
  Short fat burning workouts, if you eat carbs and protein after, will cut fat and increase muscle growth at the same time, which is why it is a win win for most people.
    I get angry when I see so many overweight people jogging along for 20 minutes then complaining that they are not losing weight. Its not rocket science but it is scientific .
 I did a workout this morning with two super fit clients who gave 100% and I copy it below. This is High intensity fat burning and this is what is required to cut fat, its that simple. If you fuel correctly afterwards then its easy. A workout similar to this twice a week with either one (or two}strength sessions plus a running workout or a mixture of all 4 in varied ways each week and that's it.
    If you have not run for a long time and you jog 3 times a week, in the first 6 weeks you will lose some fat after but that your body has adapted so you lose very little.
 By alternating the types of workout I have described below every week you will  achieve your goal much faster. A simple rule for nutrition is eat mostly protein and vegetables for all meals with some slow carbs such as rice or quinoa on workout days and only in the meal after your workout. No alcohol. Try this for 3 weeks and see the results for yourself..... I challenge you.
 This is how you burn fat fast. There are millions of books written plus videos and TV programmes about exercise and diet and yet what I have just told you is all you need to know.... Now do it!
   Do A1 to A4 then repeat 3 times before moving on to B  
       ( Choose a weight where the last 2 reps are hard. You need Dumbbells - DB and possibly a Barbell - BB for the Military press )  


SHORT 20 sec rest !!




DB/BB Military Press

3 x 12 reps

20 sec


DB Prisoner squats

3 x30 reps 

20 sec


DB Renegade rows with push up

3 x 10 reps

20 sec


Tuck jumps (Knees high)

3 x 15 reps

   30 secs
at end of A4

Burpee scissors
(Press up /4 scissors/Jump)

3 x 10 reps

20 sec


Sumo squat to Bicep curl

3x12 reps

20 sec


Jump lunges

3x 25 reps

20 sec


Bench Dips

3 x 25 reps

30 sec at end of round

REST 30 secs only after each round and repeat

Hill Sprints     

 4 x 12 secs

 20 sec rest



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