Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 Yes, it had to injury or an accident running up and down those hills all day. I can hear the chorus of  'I told you so'. I know. So there I was running along on a 3.5 hour run and suddenly I lost my hat in the wind. It was about 30'c and I was getting seriously burnt, eventually I came down from the hills and happened upon a campsite shop. 'Avez vous un chapeau ?' I said to the owner..... Of course I received the ubiqutous french reply......'No'...This is standard practice in France, whatever you ask for the initial answer is always  'No', you get used to it and learn to ignore actually means 'Yes'. I know this sounds ridiculous but anyone who lives in France will tell you I'm right. Anyway, as he says 'No' I look up and see a hat. 'Voila', I say pointing to the hat. 'But monsieur it eez a Bugs Bunny hat for zee children'..... 'No problem, I'll have it'. He looks aghast, no Frenchman would be seen dead wearing a Bugs Bunny hat but I couldn't give a toss, my head was so hot there was steam coming out. So off I trotted down the road, the endurance athlete with Bugs Bunny on his head.....whooosh!.....beep beep.....thats all folks!
       But what off the accident, ah yes.. ..I arrive back home, stretch, eat and jump in the bath, fab. And then it happened. Just as I climbed out of the bath my hand slips and twists and I'm on the floor with a thud and a bent and very painful left arm. It feels broken or dislocated, either that or torn ligaments, ouch! Just ridiculous, hours and hours and 1000's of kilometres of running over rough terrain and I nearly break my arm in the bath!!!
     The problem is running is now extremely painful infact I am like a one armed runner...madness. Helen , my physio, is full of her usual care and understanding. 'Whats wrong with you then?' .......'Well I was hoping you would know'......She then pokes me, expertly, for about 10 seconds... 'Its the radial collateral ligament' .....'Oh, right' I reply looking utterly clueless and then she proceeds to administer an excrutiating treament of torture and pain which is only ever reserved for yours truly. Helen is brilliant and kind with everyone, except me. She admits to taking great delight in punishing me severely whatever injury I may have and then tells me to stop moaning and acting like a big baby. After 16 years I have no idea why I am treated this way........and I have to pay for it. Mind you I always feel sorry for the next guy waiting in reception: he hears all the noise and squeals and looks petrified when I leave and Helen says 'Ah Mr Johnson...........your next!'
      The irony of all this my injury is crazy but thats life I guess. I'm now wrapping it up every few hours with  the ubiqutous bags of frozen peas. After 1000's years of progress in medical science we are still left with this age old remedy......that and and two Anadins before bedtime.
      This unfortunately is affecting my training schedule for my next race but I will just have to see how it goes. I just did a slow 2.5 hour run and though it was painful at least I ran. Strength training is not possible at present and so I will have to adapt my regime somehow. Apparently Helen says, even with treatment, this sort of injury can take time.
         Oh well at least I didn't burn my head in the mountains.........the floppy ears did slow me down a bit though.

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