Monday, October 3, 2011


   After my 'success' in my 20k Night run, the motivation to stretch myself a bit more began to return. It was good to have crossed off another goal.....and also to have done a little bit of racing without feeling tired or weary. The question now is; What next? I don't want to overtrain  or over do anything, I just want to get back to my earlier sense of rhythm and pace. I have read that some runners train all the time whereas others do light training imbetween major events; each to their own. I have to find the right mix that works for me. If I am to do another Ultra then of course I have to be fit and ready but I am mindful of doing too much. If I get it wrong I won't know it until I am half way up a mountain somewhere, and right in the middle of a race.....not good......but how else am I going to know.This is the challenge; to prepare and run a long and difficult race with total confidence of the outcome.
        With this in mind I am monitoring my runs to see how I feel before, during and after. Sometimes, specifically on a very long run, I will obviously be tired but as much as possible I am looking to feel energized. I have also decided to do more strength and speed work as opposed to LSD's (relax, it stands for Long Slow Distance), this is a bit of a departure from traditional training and more towards the slightly controversial  'Crossfit Endurance', which I have mentioned in earlier blogs. This will mean more work in the gym (something I have never really taken to) so I'll just have to see how it goes. At the end of the day this whole Ultra thing is a work in progress for me.  Somebody once asked ultra runner Dean Karnazes, how come he had such a musclular physique? his reply was... ' I have no idea, all I do is eat a healthy diet, workout everyday and run 100 miles a week!!'........So, I guess its not rocket science; consistency of effort and discipline is the key, its just getting the balance right between the different forms of training to enable you to achieve your goal.
        Having just completed a 3 hour, 24 kilometre training run this evening I felt pretty good considering I also climbed 6000 feet (1830 metres) at an average speed of 8 k per hour. A few weeks ago I was feeling exhausted all the time so hopefully I am now pacing myself a bit better.....I need a few more of these plus a bit more mileage if I want to  get my mojo back. I've probably got a good aerobic base now so I guess its more squats, hamstring stretches, hill work, pilates, sit ups, planks  Ahhhh....Crikey! I'm feeling exhausted just talking about it........I think it would have been much easier if I 'd been born a Tarahumara Indian (that's an ultra runners joke - you'll have to google it).
       Helen, my physio said 'your insoles need adjusting because your periformis is a bit off.'.....I'm not making this up.....well maybe I am......what she actually said was far more technically complicated but you get the gist. I will obviously have to get that fixed. The good news is as a result of my adjusted regime my resting heart rate is now back down to 42 so clearly this is the place to be.
       Interestingly Sue, who hates exercise, has upped her gym visits and is now also running 5 kilometres at a time. She has categorically ruled out any racing but she looks and feels tremendous. What with Alexander working out at the gym as well we are turning into 'The Fitness Family' a minute we will all be moving to California and eating raw seaweed for breakfast.........Ah yes, I forgot, I do anyway.......
Surf's up Dude!........

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