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Odd title but read on.
As many of you are aware I have been conducting personal one on one training sessions for much of this year ... hence the reason for my lack of blog postings. It has been a frenetic, fun, busy and highly rewarding period and the last 7 or 8 months in particular have been non-stop.
    I would say the number one goal for the majority of my clients is fat loss, followed by a toned body and increased fitness. Men want to build lean muscle, as do many women (as long as they don't look like Madonna - poor thing she gets such a bad rap). Now obviously these goals are interchangeable and if training is to be successful then all these goals must be achieved, however for 90% of clients fat loss is still the predominant desire. I have been quoted as saying that most people are fat and have even been accused of being a 'fatist'  (whatever that is) but the point is simple, whether you like it or not, fat and more especially obese people are unhealthy. At 7.8% body fat, I am fat, even though on any measure I am considered well toned, fit and healthy, its just a word. I think overweight unhealthy people should face up to the problem and deal with it.  Please don't comment or email me with the 'I know lots of fat healthy people' because you don't. Do the research, go chat to their doctor, check their blood samples, look at their health records ... or just see how out of breath they are after climbing a few stairs. They are ripe for Type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, high cholesterol, arthritis, dementia and on and on. They will eventually become a burden to the health service, their families and ultimately to themselves.
      To be honest I am a bit tired of having to quietly dance around the subject, it's as if when I say anything everyone goes into a panic and asks me not to mention anything about fat people in case I offend someone. Its ridiculous this faux kindness, lets take action! I have the greatest respect for clients who have, for example, 30% body fat and want to do something about it; Bravo, they have the guts to say let's change this and they work damned hard to do so. Its fantastic to see people realise their dream of a healthy, vibrant, toned body... or run a race they never thought they could do.
The press talk about anorexia as a disease or illness, but not obesity. Having read a plethora of research studies, clinical analysis and so on, only a very, very few people have some kind of  medical reason for their obesity. In the main it comes down one simple thing .....

                                               'They eat too much of the wrong food'

Its not rocket science. If you change the type of food you eat, even by a small amount, you will see a difference. If you reduce your portion sizes you will see a difference. If you do the right exercise you will see a difference. So lets simplify this, here are my top 12 secrets to fat loss:- .....

1) Eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up  (with vegetables) No Carbs.
2) Severely reduce your carb intake (and only eat good carbs), and increase your protein and vegetables/salad intake.
3) Drink a minimum of 2.5 litres of water per day.
4) Get a good night's sleep. (min7 hours)
5) No alcohol. ( Okay, I guess I just lost half my readership :) )
6) Eat a naughty cheat meal once every 7-10 days.
7) Severely reduce your portion size for your early evening meal i.e. before 7pm.
8) Do intense anaerobic exercise 3 times a week.  (25 mins only)
9) Strength train 3 times a week.
10) Have a minimum of 30 grams of whey protein within 30 mins of finishing your exercise.
11) Eat every 3/4 hours ... and NEVER skip meals.
12) Supplement with high quality fish oil, glutamine, zinc, magnesium, green drinks, vitamins and probiotics.

 Okay, that's it. I could go on and add more and I could go into long detailed explanations of why we do this or that, and why it works but most people just want to know the 'how' ... and that's how. One of my clients followed this routine exactly and lost 17 kilos in weight and gained 6 kilos in lean muscle mass, losing 18% of his body fat in 12 weeks, no gimmicks or quick fixes just hard work and sensible eating. This may be an extreme example but I have many similar success stories of clients achieving their own particular goals.

The New Year is upon us, why not make 2014 the year we set new standards, new goals, new horizons ... and set up a plan to take action and achieve them.

The challenge

My goal is simple, I plan to run from the North rim of the Grand Canyon to the South rim, unassisted, alone and in one go. Its not a race and there are no aid stations, its just me and the elements. This is my goal for 2014 and I began my training at 8 am this morning, New Years Day with my marathon expert and friend Jamie. As with all goals you have to start today. In February I am going to recce the Canyon to get a feel for the task, its all booked. I will do the run in October on the last day before the North rim closes for winter. I will map out the route etc and test my ability to climb 10,000 feet out of the Canyon running nearly a full trail marathon in the process. Its hot and dangerous but also fun, exhilarating and exiting ... I can't wait but preparation is the key and planned training is the solution.

This is my goal but if your endeavour is to simply feel better in yourself, fitter and healthier then great, its a worthy desire ... but take action ... today.
I wish you all good luck and good health for 2014.


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