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Now I'm not about to discuss how busy I am cleaning windows, vacuuming the carpets and polishing my kettlebells ! Though having just got back from some pretty intense training in Spain my sports equipment was certainly in need of a bit of touch up ... so to speak.
It seems to have been a pretty cold winter across the globe and as a result people usually eat more and exercise less. I know they often have a go and try a bit in January but this ends up being a false start and they fall back into the old unfit and unhealthy ways. The weather is depressing and so is the waist measurement.
If this is you or even if you need to kick-start your health then now is the time. The animals are coming out of hibernation and so should you. Soon you won't be able to hide that new roll of fat under your coat as Spring is here....and then Summer, which means less clothes and God forbid, you may have to bare some flesh !
Maybe you have been persevering through the winter doing press ups in puddles and running in the rain but now you are beginning to feel a little demotivated, no matter, at least you tried but now its time to re-group and reset your health and fitness for the year ahead.
As some of you are aware I scaled back many of my personal training commitments last year. I used this time to broaden my understanding of training and nutrition through further qualifications, education and well as through my own trial and error of new techniques and methods.
I am presently writing an e-book in which I explain the theory and practice of a new easy, effective training and nutrition protocol. It's called:- The Triple Lock Method © which I will be previewing at a later date in these blogs.
For now though let us get back to your spring clean ... because I know you are bursting to get started.

1 Stop what you are doing.
This is obvious. If you overweight or have recently put on weight, feel sluggish, have had winter colds and flu, can't sleep, your skin feels terrible, digestive issues, have low energy ... or no energy then clearly whatever it is your doing is not working, so stop.
    Please don't tell me that you eat really healthy because actually you don't. This may sound harsh but it's the truth. People who eat healthy have lean, fit bodies, they don't get colds in the winter, don't feel sluggish, they have quality sleep and lots of vitality. This also applies to exercise, it may be the wrong type or too stressful or just plain ineffective. Poor nutrition and lousy exercise choices lead to an acid environment in the body, your cortisol rises and the rest of your hormones become unbalanced, inflammation abounds. In this environment internally your body resembles a swamp. This is where germs and bacteria thrive. We have to get this swamp cleared out and moving, so the next step is:-

2 Reduce the acid foods... then alkalize the body.
 So acid foods would be Sugar, sugar, sugar and sugar ... for starters. All processed food and sodas, alcohol and cereals. Remember if it doesn't decay when left out then its bad. Good food decays, bad food doesn't. Please remember even honey is sugar, no matter how natural orange juice may be its still an enormous amount of sugar. Reduce these foods and replace with alkaline foods such as a wide variety of vegetables, unsweetened full fat yoghurt, herbs, spices, beans and lentils, quinoa, oats and especially green drinks as well as healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil avocados, nuts and seeds.  Eat high quality proteins like organic meat, eggs and fish that will provide the largest nutrient and protein content per calorie. Try to avoid or reduce stress as this creates acid in the body, take up yoga, Pilates, have a massage, meditate, go for a long walk in nature, quieten the mind. Increase your vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B levels with supplements. Take a quality probiotic and drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day

 3 Meal planning and Carb reduction.
  Plan your meals 3 days in advance, you should know what you are eating and when. Buy the healthy food choices in advance so that is all you have in the house. Throw out the crap. Last month I went to a clients house and emptied half the kitchen cupboards into the trash. She actually had something called a Carb Cupboard! It was literally piled up with pasta, cereals, crisps, biscuits, sweets and chocolates. If all you have in your cupboard and fridge is healthy alkalizing foods then that is what you will eat. Nearly everyone will have a need to reduce carbs at first if they want to cut fat but later on you can begin to recycle healthy carbs back into your diet to help promote muscle synthesis...  don't ask, just trust me. Now that you have the healthy food, plan your meals. You should know today what you are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow and approximately what time.
You have complete control of what goes into your gut, no one ate anything by accident. If you eat lots of pies you'll soon end up looking like one.

4 Take the miracle pill called exercise.
  The long term benefits are well documented but what about short term. There are fat burning exercises that you can do, the most effective being sprints, its quick and has a huge fat burning effect called EPOC but you knew that anyway, I hope. Long slow jogging will only work for people who have not exercised for a very long time. After 3 months there is no fat burning effect and none at all with regular joggers... and as for walking the dog, well, no comment. It has to be high intensity. Whether its lifting weights, running, cycling or even Brazilian jujitsu, it has to be done with full commitment, intensity and purpose. Vary your exercise regime so the body never knows what's coming next. Fat but fit is a well documented myth, if you are overweight your risk of heart disease sky rockets. Exercise will strengthen your heart, increase your range of motion, slow down the effects of ageing, cut fat and give a hormonal cascade of other benefits. Lift weights, start small and build slowly, increase the weight and vary the tempo with short rests to burn fat, promote muscle growth and promote those fat burning hormones. Get moving!

5 Programme your body to make fitness and health a habit.
  This is the key element to a new fit and healthy body, it must become a habit that you don't think about or question. I'm sure you don't procrastinate about brushing your teeth, getting dressed, checking your emails, its a habit you just do it. The way to a healthy fit and lean body is the same. I exercise a minimum of 3 times per week, it requires no thought, its a habit. My protein/vegetable breakfast is a habit. Drinking a green drink and taking my vitamins etc every morning is a habit, it never changes, I don't stop and think about it. I have a client who programmes me into his week. I turn up the same time every other day and off we go. He is a very successful and able person but he can be distracted and procrastinate like anybody else but he knows I'll be there, its a habit, it requires little or no mental energy, its easy. So how do we create a habit? You have to be consistent. Choose your training or exercise regime and begin. Commit to 30 days of, for example, every other day. Don't think just do it. Even if its a short session. Some people like the same time every day, I'm a bit weird I like to vary my training and the times I train, it keeps me fresh and interested. The consistency and habit is in the regular act of doing but the fun for me is shocking my body with a variety of exercise routines. Its extremely effective and simple.
There are many ways to achieve the body, health and fitness you desire but the basics always remain the same. Don't complicate things, keep it simple, begin the nutritious eating your body craves and  exercise with purpose and enthusiasm. You only have one body to get you through this life, respect it, its your responsibility, nobody else's.
If you start today on these 5 steps then I promise you a new body awaits.

 I mentioned the Triple Lock Method © earlier. 
  I have now created a brand new Triple Lock Personal Training Program © and will be coaching my clients on elements of this effective system in the coming months. For those of you in the South of France I will be back in May. A bientôt !
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