Sunday, June 12, 2011


                       EXCUSES EXCUSES

Well as you can see I got the t-shirt and very proud I was too as I flaunted myself around Cannes that evening. I had run half marathons on roads before and usually felt tired and sore afterwards but two days after this race I had a much bigger problem......I felt fine. This concerned and perplexed me. What was going on ? If I may digress slightly. Whenever I tell anyone I run I am always met with a barrage of reasons of why the people I am talking to can't or don't excercise. This is odd for two reasons, firstly I didn't ask them and secondly.....wait for it......its bullshit. I can feel some squirming. Okay, so what am I going on about. If I were to give my excuses for why I personally cannot run they would be as follows....... Deep breath......

1 - I have scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine) this causes acute back pain and poor alignment of shoulder and hip joints.
2 -  I am short sighted and cannot see very clearly 4 feet ahead. ( Not good for running)
3 - Skin melanoma on nose. It won't kill me yet but I am advised to stay out of the sun for long periods of time.
4 - Possible heart condition, my Father, Grandfather and Great grandfather all died at 59.....I am 56.
5 - I have a kneecap suplaxation,ie my knee joint keeps popping in and out if I twist at all......very painful.
6 - Broke my leg one year ago straining and damaging tendons etc.
7 - Complicated pronate. My foot strike hits the outside of my foot and then rolls in causing acute strain on my knees and up into my thighs.
8  - Arthritis

  I think thats it but you never know...........anyway you get my point. We can always find reasons NOT to do something but you have to find a way to live with your problems and adapt so that you can get on with your goal no matter what.
Two days after the race I went out and ran two thirds of the 33K course in 3 hours, not only was it hard and difficult it was also beautiful and invigorating.......maybe I had potential!!!

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