Thursday, June 9, 2011

The First Hit of Endurance


I suppose anyone looking at this first image of my first Blog and the seeing the title Trail Junkie would be excused for being somewhat confused; Firstly by the title and secondly by the picture of a selection of very large rocks....I shall endeavour to explain.
    At 56 years of age to take up a sport such as this might be considered a little reckless, no I don't mean rock climbing, although it sometimes feels like it. For many years now I have run for one hour, three times per week, no more no less. It kept me fit and though I regarded it as nothing unusual only a few of my peers did anything even remotely similar namely Samantha, Julian and James (sounds like a 70's rock band). In fact these 3 people are the only people I have ever run with but as they all live in different countries I run alone for 99% of the time. Luckily I quite like my own company ( somebody has too) so there you go.
       I run quite slowly, don't like hills, have never had a runner's 'high' and a for every 3 out of 10 runs find it really hard to motivate myself, so why is this Blog called Trail Junkie and the title Endurance  Running. To be an endurance runner you have to run more than a marathon in one go (for example 50 kilometres or 31 miles) and with trail running this includes hills, deserts, snow, mud, rocks, rivers and mountains. It is therefore considerably harder and more demanding than just a road but to me it is far more rewarding. So what has changed me from a regular jogger into a nutcase! It started with a poster on a wall in the village of Theoule where I live in the South of France.

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